Minimizing impact on the environment

We aim to minimize the impact on the environment by minimal CO2 emission, re-use of water and use of natural fertilizers.

Previous owners have already insulated various parts of this farm from 1850 to the best possible. Heating is mainly with woodstoves and the laundry is dried in the open air.

We aim to become energy neutral that means we will generate as much electricity as we use in the operation of the gîte. To achieve his aim various project are foreseen among which a solar boiler and solar panels.

Another focus area is water. We will collect as much as possible all rainwater and use it. There are already two old water wells on the property in which water is stored for the dry-season.

All our local driving we already do mainly on electric power.

There is a vegetable garden for our own organic fruit and vegetables. We also purchase from local farmers. Small packaging is avoided for less waste and the waste is carefully sorted.