End of the Season 2022

Today 29 sepetember we are closing the season 2022. We look back with gratitude and joy on the eight week that we operated under the new name "le Coeur du Chemin". You can read more in the newsletter for september 2022. If you have not yet subscribed to the newsletter please use the button to do so.

Cave the St. Jacques

While modifiying the gîte we discovered this beautifull spot where we have created the "Cave de St Jacques" to honor St. Jacob the Greater. A place of silence and inspiration. Anyone is welcome to visit and pay tribute.

Le Coeur du Chemin opens its doors

Le Cœur du Chemin opens its door on 1st of August 2022. Le Cœur du Chemin is the new name of the gîte “Un pas à la Fois” that was run for 6 years by Chantal Jourdan. Chantal created a beautiful gîte located just outside Prémery and is moving on to new adventures. With the new name we want to emphasize that whatever we do must come from the heart. Along the whole road to Santiago de Compostela you can feel the beat of the pilgrims heart and the gîte intends to support the pilgrims on their journey. Bon Camino.

Where is the gîte located ?

Le Cœur du Chemin is a Donativo on the Voie de Vézelay close to Prémery. Located 65km from Vézelay and 30 km from Nevers it is located in a quiet hamlet (le Breuil) on a 4.000 m2 property overlooking de Rolling hills of the Nièvre region, Bourgogne.

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What are the costs ?

The Gîte is operated on the donativo principle. Donativo means that every pilgrims contributes financially or otherwise according to their possibilities. This should make it possible for everybody to do a pilgrimage, independent of their background or situation is in life. Together we maintain and support affordable accommodation and food along the routes especially in the rural areas of France.

An indication for the cost per night per person to operate the donativo and prepare the meals is 30 euro.

Camping in the garden

Sundown from back terras

How can I make a reservation ?

Making a reservation for the next day gives us ample time to prepare and the chance that we cannot accommodate you is very slim.

Please contact us by Whatsapp. This is the fastest way to reach us. Specify: name(s), arrival date, group size and any specific requirements you might have as well as an email address.

If you have questions or want to make reservation more than 1 weeks ahead you can use e-mail. The e-mails will be answered with 2-3 days.

Due to limitations in capacity we cannot receive groups of pilgrims (more than 2 in a party) unless previously arranged.

Why should I stay at Le Coeur du Chemin ?

Le Coeur du chemin is operated and founded by pilgrims that want to return the hospitality and friendship they themselves have encountered on their journeys. By focussing on the physical and mental needs of the pilgrim we try to make them feel at home and hope to prepare them for the road ahead.

Joy, relaxation, silences and spiritual enlightenment we try to support by the natural beauty around the gite and the spirit of the gite.

When is the gîte in operation ?

The gîte is open for pilgrims from beginning of April till the end of September. During the remainder of the year occasionally the gîte will be open. Please contact us for more information.

What can I expect ?

The gîte has two dormitories for each 5 persons. As we are reconstructing only one of the dormitories is available. Sleeping in an own tent is also possible on the grounds.


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